Does Vodafone Secure web protect me personally from every thing?

Does Vodafone Secure web protect me personally from every thing?

Secure inter Net protects your phone from viruses, spyware as well as other harmful content whenever you connect with the net on our mobile network.

Please be aware: protected web won’t work if your products are attached to other systems or WiFi, including Vodafone Home Broadband.

Protected internet also can’t protect your device that is mobile while attached to our system, in the event that you:

В· Change your Access Point Name (APN) settings

В· utilize a Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution

В· utilize a service that is proxy

В· Access a website using a https secure connection

В· Use smartphone data compression services

В· utilize a web web browser that may compress or encrypt traffic (except Nokia Xpress, Microsoft BOS, Bing Chrome together with Vodafone form of Opera mini)

В· Use selected e-mail protocols (except HTTP, POP3 and SMTP)

Safe web is not a conventional anti-virus and can’t be employed to eliminate viruses, spyware or any other content currently in your unit.

What’s the cleansing device? How can notifications make use of Vodafone Secure internet?

The cleansing device enables you to scan your unit for almost any threats which you may have acquired while searching on Wi-Fi. To utilize the cleansing device, merely download the safe Net application from either the App shop or even the Bing Enjoy Store, available the application and faucet to scan your device.

Blocking harmful content ( When safe web is activated)

1. The down load of the harmful or unsafe file will be obstructed, and a text will undoubtedly be delivered to alert you

2. In the event that you access an unsafe site, you’ll be rerouted up to a caution web page where you are able to decide to carry on or otherwise not

3. If you’ve got any Child or Shared accounts, they’ll be notified straight by text when they try to install an unsafe file, and get rerouted towards the caution web page when they you will need to go to a harmful internet site or an online site or software that is obstructed to their account. They can’t bypass the caution and carry on on the web web web page or app. They are able to additionally see their safety occasions to their very very own secure portal that is net

Connected records

1. In the event that you link your family’s numbers under a single safe web account utilizing the safe web portal, you’ll accept notifications confirming effective and broken links

2. Broken links happen commonly with Pay while you go reports. Whenever there wasn’t enough credit on the take into account a amount of 7 days, the service will automatically stop. It is possible to connect the account once again whenever you want from your Secure portal that is net

For any other incidents, go right to the reporting page for the appropriate individual on the safe web portal and view information about activities like blocked content visits, file down load with viruses and visiting an unsafe site

Just how do I create browsing that is child-safe?

Block manually:

1. Look at the secure portal that is net join, then select Content Control

2. Select which forms of internet site you’d prefer to block, including Adult (over 18)/Hate/Violence and Weapons/Drugs and Crime/Alcohol and Tobacco/Dating/Social Networks

Please be aware: blocking a category shall impact associated apps. Allowing a blocked category, manage Always Allow List or some other settings. Please report any content obstructed in error or categorised improperly to us by emailing

Blocking through Profiles:

1. Get on the Secure Net portal choose Content Control then

2. Select Profile types from secure, Super secure, Ultra secure, Custom and None

3. Each Profile is initiated to block particular groups

Please be aware: when a profile is assigned to your child’s quantity, associated groups is likely to be immediately obstructed. groups could be added or deleted from the list that is pre-set conserved as a ‘custom’ profile.