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Just like he claims their good-byes, a pillar that is large of seems down within the distance, towards Hell. He immediately travelled down to analyze, demanding Cerberus to allow him in also to simply tell him just exactly exactly what that light had been. He could be rejected whilst the Red mind of Cerberus told him that they just do not worry him and also suggest that he had been maybe not their real master.

Darius Elexion

He had been astonished though perhaps an work on their component to know that Buwaro can only just remain sane while putting on their Star Emblem.

Rhea discovered by him, was prepared to attack him that he was keeping money in his sleeve and after being insulted. Darius stopped the 2 and took Beauregard somewhere else, while Rhea is obligated to live with Sakido for the moment.

Overtime, Darius would continue steadily to check out Rhea, who has got now gotten along wife websites side Buwaro and had been additionally pleased to hear that Sakido had been getting along too. Nevertheless the Skull for the Blue Cerberus Head , which Darius wore so that you can keep their disguise, reminded him associated with the deal he made out of Death, while Blue is reminded himself just just just just how he had been decapitated and cursed him for leaving their post.

Darius then asked him where exactly Death moved within the last 15 years while Blue attempted to keep their faith in him. After Blackbeak the Khamega Pirate King passed by while swimming through the River Styx, Blue told him the facts; that Death went along to look for Gaia and Syndel while they were missing too. Darius revealed some concern but chose to carry on their work as Death as that has been all they are able to do. Despite their objections from before, Darius continues to be at their task during the time Rhea and her buddies have been in St.

Curtis when it comes to Flower Festival. This caused Darius to sneeze a few times in link with him maybe maybe not Buwaro that is giving a date. Sometime after St. Curtis was ruined because of the demon intrusion, Darius and Blue will be spotted by Rhea without their complete disguise, thinking about why the Book of Records had been incorrect in regards to the loss of a vintage Jakkai they discovered. Then they notice Rhea, who is able to see them somehow and them started screaming as well after she started screaming, the two of.

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Flabbergasted, Darius wonders exactly just how this woman is in a position to see them while she angrily yells at them to eliminate the disguise after hearing the skull state his name. Then chooses to lose Blue and expose himself for whom he in fact is. He quickly confirmed their identity, while also shocked that Rhea currently knew their title and had read his journal, and demanded he was told by her just just exactly exactly how she was at MediusM. As he ended up being pleased that Buwaro had been healthier and was at a relationship by having a Suizahn , he nevertheless wished to understand the way they got right here.

He elaborated on which occurs with all the souls of Medians whom enter the Afterlife, therefore the souls of Angels and Demons who just go back to Gaia or Syndel become reused for brand new life. Rhea, overrun by the quantity of information provided, asks if he wished to see Buwaro; however excited, Darius is informed by Blue which they may possibly not be capable given that they never have seen an individual Demon or Angel whilst in Medius. Soon after, their bodies start to diminish, while they had been just permitted to remain for the time that is short to have among the lost souls. Before vanishing once and for all, Rhea leaps onto Darius to inquire of him in the event that Book of reports had been incorrect about her and just why she had been murdered.

Ahead of Death that is becoming had listed here abilities. It’s unknown whether or otherwise not he nevertheless keeps them.

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World Magic: a ability that is natural all World Angels, Darius has revealed adept abilities in making use of this miracle, particularly when utilizing all three of his Angel Emblems but still maybe maybe not being considered a Seraph Angel. Among their spells he’s additionally effective at producing graves that are makeshift anybody he needs to bury. Holy Magic: being an Angel he has got proven to involve some ability in Holy Magic, not merely in recovery but additionally in in a position to place objectives to rest and eliminating the Holy Protection Magic from their emblems.

Disguise Form — Death: A red curse mark is shown quickly in the forehead after treatment and before looking at black colored.

Great Book of reports: A apparently omniscient book that listings everybody in the wide world of Medius.

Through the guide, Darius has the capacity to discover whenever and exactly how a person dies and determine where in actuality the recently deceased goes in accordance with exactly exactly just what the guide says. There are times where a death may appear outside of the thing that was predetermined when you look at the guide. He also appears to wear spectacles with all the guide, which can be the exact same people he had just before becoming Death. Judgement Scales: As Death, Darius has energy and dominion within the dead, hence by conjuring up these scales they can determine where they’re going predicated on judging simply how much good or bad they did while living, and sets them where he eventually chooses they belong.