Cougar Armor S Royal Gaming Seat. Specs and Features

Cougar Armor S Royal Gaming Seat. Specs and Features

We have grabbed the specs and have list straight from Cougar’s web site and listed them below. I’ve included the marketing product that offers an excellent summary of the options associated with Armor S Royal:

Model: Armor S Royal

Diamond Check Pattern Design: Yes

Surface: Breathable PVC Leather

5-Star Base Material: Metal

Armrest Instructions: 4D

Body Body Body Weight Limit: 120 kg

Item Body Body Body Weight: 21 kg

Pillows: Head and Lumbar Pillow

Proportions: relate to the image below

Unboxing and installation

With all the details that are technical for the means, it is currently time for you to unpack the goodies and construct the fact. As is additionally the scenario with virtually any video gaming seat, the Armor S Royal is available in a big and hefty package that weighs a lot more than 20 kg.

All of which are neatly secured in plastic bags with foam or bubble wrap surrounding them, protecting the parts during transportation upon opening it up, we find a bunch of separate parts. Let’s get every thing from the package making sure that we could get a summary of what exactly is really included.

Below, every one of the content is unboxed, and it also’s now prepared to be assembled.. The quality of the Armor S Royal feels really good with an anonymous design in black, with gilded stitchings and Cougar logo at first glance. It is nice that there our no colors that are gaudy other elements at play that scream of “gaming chair”. Well, apart from the shape that is actual design associated with seat, needless to say, but that is pretty much the guideline as opposed to the exclusion by using these kinds of seats nowadays.

A step-by-step set up instruction is needless to say included, rendering it a lot easier assembling the chair. In the event that you’ve put together a video video video gaming seat before, this isn’t that hard. Many seats are placed together within the way that is same while the Armor S Royal is not any various. As a result, I’m maybe maybe not likely to get into an excessive amount of information in connection with real assembling. Aside from something, it is business as always.

Often, whenever assembling a video video gaming seat, you ought to install the armrests your self, but that’s perhaps maybe not the situation with all the Armor S Royal. Cougar has been kind enough to add these through the factory, helping to make every thing a lot more simple. If you would like view a walkthrough of exactly just just just how the same video gaming seat is put together, you can examine away our test of this normal Cougar Armor S (Danish). right right Here, we discuss the whole construction and you are able to merely miss out the component where we install the armrests. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the Armor S that is assembled Royal.

At Consider The Cougar Armor S Royal Gaming Seat

The design of the Armor S Royal holds no surprises if you have already read our review of the regular armor S chair. The look is much just about identical between your two, independent of the Royal displaying a far more design that is subtle no gaudy colors and such. There’s also more attention to information in terms of the Armor S Royal, when comparing to the regular variation. Below, we come across the completely put together seat, minus the included pillows attached. The black colored and gold colors match well, and so they give it a very good appearance, I think.

Aided by the pillows attached, the look that is stylish compromised a bit, however the Armor S Royal nevertheless appears good. Connecting your head and lumbar pillows is completed in a fashion that is similar on any kind of video video gaming seat, with a few rubber band and synthetic clips. Let’s get into greater detail to see what changes Cougar has designed to make this seat much more comfortable to utilize.

Let’s begin from the most effective with all the relative mind pillow. Whenever I tested the TITAN seat from Secretlab, we applauded the included pillow for the softness and convenience. Well, it is exactly the same with all the Armor S Royal. It’s created from the exact same soft and good product, that is very nice to the touch. The pillow is not as big, nonetheless it nevertheless has a size that is fine together with area texture alone sets it independent of the common imitated leather-based pillows that you will get with many seats, like the regular Armor S.

Cougar sets plenty of work into marketing their diamond check pattern design and breathable PVC fabric

Basically, we’re coping with imitated leather-based, which can be reasonably cost effective to create, and provides the seat that classic gamer appearance. Nevertheless, Cougar deserves applause for the colour combination with gold and black that they’ve selected. It is found by me become searching great.

Down across the sides associated with the back help, we find an suede-like product providing you with a contrast towards the general PVC leather-based design. It offers the Armor S Royal a pleasant and much more exclusive appearance than if it had all been done in in a single single product. Cougar additionally specifies for it to stand out from the crowd that we are dealing with a “deluxe gaming chair”, so there’s bound to be some attention to detail, here, in order.

Regarding the side that is right underneath the armrest, we find two handles that allow the consumer to modify a handful of things regarding the Armor S Royal chair. The low handle is actually for adjusting the height associated with the seat, in addition to locking/unlocking the function that is tilting. The top handle is for adjusting the angle for the back help, making it possible for a set place enabling an individual to either lay down, lie right back and to stay upright, with regards to the situation. Much like any other video video video gaming seat, the rear support is springtime powered, which means that that it’s going to increase to an upright place on it’s own, whenever handle is drawn.

Cougar in addition has prepared the Armor S Royal in what is often called 4D armrests. In keeping tongue that essentially ensures that the armrests may be modified in four means, so that you can give you the individual the perfect adjustment choices. There’s a button on the exterior of both armrests, in addition to one regarding the inside as well as on the really end. These let the individual to up move the armrests and down, to and fro, laterally, and lastly, to tilt them at an angle. Easily put, you can easily adjust the armrests entirely to your pleasing to have the most effective feasible amount of convenience whenever sitting in the Armor S Royal.